Statistics in Russia relative to other countries

Russia ranks 1st in Europe and 2nd in the world after the United States in terms of services in the field of assisted reproductive technologies.
There are more than 200 specialized IVF clinics in Russia, 30 of them are located in St. Petersburg.
High rates of IVF. The average level of IVF efficiency in St. Petersburg is 38%, and in some clinics the indicators are 40-45% and even 67% (figures for 2018).
The first successful IVF procedure was carried out in 1984 in St. Petersburg, since then reproductologists of St. Petersburg have gained serious experience and extensive practice in the field of reproductive technologies, as well as an international reputation.

Prices for treatment in Russia

Prices for treatment in Russia are several times lower than in other European countries:
IVF prices:
• from $ 5300 in Spain
• from $ 8400 in the USA
• about $ 2,900 in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Prices for surrogacy programs:
• from $ 80,000 in the USA
• $ 60,000 full package in St. Petersburg, Russia

Services of the reproductive agency "New Life"

• Choice of IVF clinic
• Selection of oocyte donor and surrogate mother
• Surrogacy programs
• Support and control of assisted reproductive technology (ART) programs
• Comprehensive solution to infertility problems
• Legal services
• Concierge service

About "New Life" Agency

  • The Agency has been working in the field of medical tourism in Russia and abroad for 5 years
  • Is a member of the International Medical tourism Association and a Partner of the SCO Business Council (Shanghai cooperation organization)
  • The head of the company and curators of medical programs have higher medical education
  • The Agency works 24/7 and provides a comprehensive solution to infertility problems
  • Specialists of the company constantly monitor innovations in the field of reproductive technologies, participate in medical conferences and symposia
  • The Agency takes care of the protection of personal data of all participants of the reproductive process, ensuring security and anonymity/

    Comfortable conditions for stay in St. PetersburgComfortable conditions for treatment in St. Petersburg
    - Meeting on arrival in St. Petersburg and transfer
    - Booking air and railway of tickets
    - Translation services
    - Written translation (including medical)
    - Hotel / apartment / apartment reservation in the area of the medical institution
    - Personal driver service
    - Excursion service. Individual guide with a car, original tours in St. Petersburg/

The combination of rest and treatment

St. Petersburg is a city of white nights and drawbridges, a city of 68 rivers, canals and channels that cross the city in different directions, it is not by chance that St. Petersburg is called "The Northern Venice". You can wander endlessly through the streets of the Old city, discovering unique courtyards-wells, front with rare mosaics, consider the amazing architecture of buildings or just sitting in a cafe, drinking coffee and enjoying the atmosphere of the city on the Neva.

Along with Paris and Rome, St. Petersburg is included in the UNESCO List as a city which entire historical center is under the patronage. It’s impossible to see everything in one trip, since there are more than 200 museums in St. Petersburg alone, not counting palaces and temples of various faiths.

Clients of St. Petersburg clinics comfortably combine treatment with a cultural program and the Agency "New Life" will be happy to draw up a program and show non-tourist St. Petersburg.


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